FOR ALL : Players or amateurs in order to favor the development of body, mind, power of itself & practicable since 8 old years.

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What is the Accademy ?

The instruction in the accademy is guaranteed from Nihon kenpo Kyokai of Tokyo, Japan directed from main patriarch Ryonosuke Mori 10 Dan, of the Romana Nippon kempo Academy with center to Rome of which is the president Francesco Faraone; it is the first center Roman of japanese boxing and cultural formation.
The nippon kempo it wants to circulate a unknowned art that che it can integrate the greater italian disciplines and resolves to fond other gyms interested to the learing of such discipline of the main Roman Francesco Faraone, is the most valid one available teacher.
It will not have difficulty to divulge a martial art that is not smoke but substance, already existing a martial art that integral and perfects that one without null wanting to remove to the others and offers the possibility to follow characterized seminaries of bref duration with expert to national quality level.


  1. Course individual and/or collectives limited on the base of the technical program in vigor to the gym of the Nippon kempo.

  2. To form classes differentiated for teaching and beginners of a technical program from the appropriate commission with the great masters.

  3. Seminaries of improvement are in Italia or in Europe that in Japan with the great Japanese masters with the annual study travels.

  4. Diplomas of qualification to the instruction or of grade issued only from N.K.K. Japanese Association .

Photo from Nihon Kenpo Hombu Dojo of Tokyo, Japan that is destined to pass in the history from the famous ex-world champion of Thai-boxing and great master M. Igari to Francesco Faraone with the qualified diploma "Sensei"

With the present the pleasure is had to comunicate that we guarantee to all the athletes or the instructors of whichever disciplines of combat we learn it of the Nippon Kempo under the direct guide of A.R.N.K. :

  • You are experts instructors or of a martial art ?

  • You are interested to deepen in some time the bases of similar disciplines in the field of the martial arts .

  • Also our collaborating instructors will be pleasend to come in your eventual gyms for instruction course, to take one another.

    To this point he does not remain to us that to invite all those people who are interested to try, under the "Accademia Romana Nippon Kempo" , this beautifulst discipline, through the pratical one, to acquire the mastery total and to disclose a new :

    " Budo - Sport - Self defense " .

  • Copyright 1998 - 2002 by A.R.N.K.

    Contact directly to Chief teacher :
    Francesco Paolo Faraone