FOR ALL : Players or amateurs in order to favor the development of body, mind, power of itself & practicable since 8 old years.

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Is an ancient Japanese martial art, which in the 1932 suffered a metamorphosis in a competitive sport of fighting founded from the big descending teacher Muneumi Sawayama from a family of Samurai of the Nakaoka clan.
The Nippon Kempo is a discipline from modern and total fight of absolute authentic effectiveness on the more scientific custom than all the parts of the body.
It tells the name: is a kind of Japanese boxing, a method for amplify Judo or Ju jitsu and Karate or Kick-boxing, practiced with the protection "BOGU" of masks and similar caresses to those of the Kendo and gloves also special shoes that allow to face all the techniques, auditing as speed, precision and power.
In the Nippon kempo has contemplated techniques

  • of percussion "Atemi-waza"
  • of projection "Nage-waza"
  • of immobilitation "Osae-waza"
  • of the techniques of reverse grasp "Kansetsu-gyakutori-waza", which, extremely dangerous, they must be driven.

Currently is a modern Japanese martial art whose end last it is that from the amelioration of the individual because it has a top ethical thick absent value from the western or oriental sports, also an excellent technique of self defense.
The absolute psychic required control for derive the perfection of movements of the body and the autodiscipline imposed for achieve an optimal technique, they involve inevitable the acquisition of a good conscience social let alone an improvement of the character, it is also necessary greatly coaching beyond to courage and spirit of sacrifice.
The Nippon kempo could come studied absolutely like philosophy, like sport, like form of physical education and like personal defense.
Also the women and the children can practise with happened the Nippon kempo and be on its way to the acquaintance of this discipline, whose physical preparation is not discordant to that of other martial arts, with the only only limitation for the competitive activity, feasible from the 16 years in which fight really total, but they could change for other types " no full contact " also from children and women however the continual tradition in the forms technical traditional calls "Kata-waza".
Currently under the guide of the supreme teacher Ryonosuke Mori, the Nippon kempo in Japan is comparing an excellent development, above all in the schools of Police, and in the university etc.

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