Pallister-Killian Syndrome

Real Cases - some stories of PKS children

In the following you can find a selection of links to the true stories of some children affected by the Pallister-Killian Syndrome. The parents of those children agreed to share their experiences with other families in similar situation allowing them to find some help or hope in them.

The stories can be lengthy or complicated but they are real and "you never know which details will ring a bell with another parent".

I'd appreciate collecting others experience to compensate for the lack of scientific papers describing the possible evolution of our children.

  • Ben's story (born: Oct 1999 - S. Carolina, USA) by Joan Waddell

  • Phil's story (born: Sept 1996 - Italy) by Andrea Colasanti

  • Jessica's story (born: Sept 1991 - Australia) by James Evans

  • Amber's story (born: Feb 1999 - Utah, USA) by Anya Phillip

  • Keanu's story by (born: July 1996 - Maryland, USA) by Tama Scott

  • Edward's story (Mar 2002 - May 2006 - Scotland, UK) by Doreen Baxter

  • Kelsey's story (born: Dec 1995 - Tennessee, USA) by Shelly and Ettienne van Zyl

  • Baby Anna's story (Oct 11 2002 - Dec 29 2002 - Ohio, USA) by Christine Dekowski

  • Monique's story (born: Dec 1980 - Indiana, USA) by Ingrid

  • Robert's story (born: July 1999 - Ontario, Canada) by Dana Weigl

  • Caroline's story (born: November 1999 - Maryland, USA) by Debbie and Mark Chapman

  • Adria's story (born: October 1997 - Spain) External link in SPANISH

  • Margaret's story (born: May 1990 - New York State, USA) by Edward and Nancy Wilson

  • Todd's story (born: Nov 2001 - New York State, USA) by Sally and David Quist

  • Jordan's story (born: Jan 2000 - Aberdeen, Scotland) by Carole & Ian Clark

  • Michael's story (born: 1994 - Stockport, England) by Annette and Robert

  • Darby's story (born: September 12, 2006 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada) by by Tyra Skibington

  • Doxiades LaMarr Fuller's story (born: Sept 2001 - Tennessee, USA) external link in English by Marion and Pamela Fuller

  • Amber's story (born: Jan 1994 - Texas, USA) external link in English by Cassandra McCardell

  • Kerstin's story (born: April 1991 - Germany) external link in German by Birgit Maiwald

  • Alex's story (born: July 1999 - Sacramento, California USA) by Lisa Woodbury

  • Gaia's story (born: July 1999 - Varese, Italy) by Elisa - the story is in Italian

  • Simon's story (born: December 2004 - Michigan, USA) by Gretchen

  • Riccardo's story (Italian only) (nato: Febbraio 2005 - Roma, Italy) by Isabella

  • Last update: 10 February 2012

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