Roberto Vacca

Degree in electrical engineering and doctorate in computer science from Rome University. Taught courses in: digital computers, systems engineering, total quality management at the universities of Rome, Milan. Until 1975 General and Technical Manager of a company active in computerized control of technological systems, then consultant in systems engineering (transportation, energy, communications) and technological forecasting. I give seminars in the above fields and have created many TV programs on the popularization of science and technology.

Consulting services offered

Technological Forecasting and Systems Engineering. Mathematical trend analysis of specific industrial sectors (e.g.: automotive, IT, energy sources, transportation, workforce, telecommunications, etc.) also using proprietary software for possible application of Volterra-Lotka equations to fit experimental time series. Correct communication to the public concerning new large technological enterprises and their impacts and external economies or diseconomies.


Energy, transportation, socio-economic, cultural scenarios from the viewpoint of world trends and also aimed at particular regions.

bottone The 1976 Discontinuity in atmospheric CO2 and a curve fitting exercise on 1959-76 data and on 1976-2003 data.

bottone Logistic Models: Forecasts based on Time Series

bottone Global Warming, Greenhouse Effect, Future Climate

bottone Scriptorium


On www.printandread.com you can find some of my books which you'll be able to download paying a modest sum with your credit card.
The first books to be available are:

bottone "THE SUPREME POKAZUKHA" - WHAT LINKED THE SWISS TO THE BOLSHEVIKS? The REAL story of the 1917 Bolshevik revolution.

bottone"THE DEATH OF MEGALOPOLIS" - A futuristic novel

bottone"THE COMING DARK AGE" - on the risks of unmanageability of large technological systems and the tragic consequences it could have for the world.

bottone"DR. DOLITTLE AND DR. TALKALOT" - Sequel to the story of the doctor who spoke to animals. For children from 3 to 10.

bottone"15 QUAINT SF STORIES" - Short stories about: LOVE, DOLPHINS, COMPUTERS, RELIGION, PLAGUES, ETs, ADDICTION, PARALLEL TIMETRACKS, LONG LIFE ELIXIR. A love story is based on information theory. The one about extraterrestrials is quite grim. Two stories about religion are outrageous. The dolphin story is a joyous one. Three stories tell the adventures of Philip Quartara a systems engineer full of resource and sagacity.

bottone"HOW TO MANAGE YOURSELF AND FACE THE WORLD" - Here I tell you how to improve your character, how to accept criticism, how to say "no" smiling instead of "yes" weeping, how to adjust your tone of voice, how to be a pro, how to manage your feelings, how to avoid social traps.

bottone"HOW TO LEARN MORE THINGS AND LIVE BETTER" - Here I tell you in plain words how I learnt 7 foreign languages, mathematics, how to write and speak in public, accounting, engineering, how to avoid depression. Since I did it - anybody can too. The Italian original sold 250,000 copies.

bottone"CRUDE AND EVIL" - I wrote this novel in 1975, after the oil crisis and the soaring price of the barrel. It answers the question: "How could one blackmail the oil producing sheiks?" Philip Quartara, an Italian engineer and problem solver gets entangled in a web of intrigue and violence. His resource and sagacity help Undulna, a stunning polyglot girl, get unscathed out of dire quandaries. Scientists, shady characters, literary agents are not so lucky. Perhaps I had here an intuition fit to solve the energy crisis.