Pallister-Killian Syndrome
A proposal for a meeting point

Six months ago I decided to set-up this web site hoping it could be helpful for anyone is searching information on the Pallister-Killian syndrome.
It is a very simple web site and I do my best to keep the information updated and I enhance the site as much as possible.

From the moment I posted the site on the major web engines I received several e-mails requesting for detailed information relating to my personal experience. Browsing the log files of the site I also realised that the site has been accessed extensively from almost everywhere in the world, from South Africa to Canada, from Chile to Japan, from Australia to UK, USA, Italy, etc.

This site offers an updated list of scientific papers relating to the Syndrome. Most of the information relates to prenatal diagnosis and the most common symptoms and characteristics found in PKS children. I am however, still unaware of any documentation describing the attitudes of such children or the possible evolution of their life or any follow up.

I'm also creating a database which contains significant information relating to the children I am aware of and, apart from a scientific viewpoint, I would like to add the scope of my personal knowledge and share it with anybody who needs it.

Please spend a few minutes of your precious time to participate by relating your own experience and contribute your suggestions to enhance this site, using the e-mail address at the bottom of this page.

Thank you very much indeed


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