We work a lot of different materials, from the classical FREE CUTTING STEEL to plastic material likeDELRIN or TEFLON, spending for BRONZE , BRASS, COPPER, STAINLESS STEEL, ALLOY STEEL e così via.
The continues experimentation of utensils of vanguard, joined to the flexibility of our machineries, there allows of satisfy the deriving applications from most different industrial sectors, electromechanical, alimentary, oleodynamics, auto-cycle, earthmowing vehicle.

Being an automatic turning's shop, we have our ideal production in the small-medium series, but we are able to follow the Customer since the phase of study and of realization of the preseries.
We have organized in way from manage heat and superficial treatments (case hardening, tempering, nitriding, galvanization, nickel plating, chromium plating, grinding, etc.), operations of folding, welding, blanking, assembling for small compounds, for the supply of a service to 360°.