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Centro Ippico I Noccioli
Via dei Noccioli , 3 - Bagno a Ripoli (Firenze) - Scuola riconosciuta F.I.S.E. - Pony Club - Corsi di equitazione per adulti e bambini - Dressage - Corsi estivi per ragazzi - Pensione completa per cavalli - Stages con pernottamento - Tel. 055/643407  

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"I Noccioli" Riding Centre is located just 20 minutes from the historic centre of Florence, immersed in the rustic Tuscan countryside, between serried rows of vines on the Chianti hills.

The centre, managed by Ms. Marcia Vahlberg and Mr. Carmelo Strazzulla, both Federally accredited riding instructors, takes pride in the supremacy of more than 20 years of experience in instructing in Dressage, Eventing and Show Jumping and all the pony activities.

The professionalism and experience obtained throughout the years, together with using highly reliable animals, gives the students the level of preparation necessary for the road to become licensed athletes.

All the members of the Riding Centre are provided with admission fo FISE (Italian Equest rian Sport Federation), with insurance coverage.

The facilities allow the Riding Centre to carry out its activities through out the year.


The centre is open from tuesday to sunday. For any information please call in the morning ( 8,30 - 10, 30) and lunch time.
Tel. 055643407
Give us a call (cin@mclink.it). We 'be happy
to welcome you for a free of charge try-out lesson!