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The current convergence of ecological, technical and economical considerations makes the exploitation of renewable resources the socially and politically correct thing to do. BSD has teamed up with a group of companies who possess the technology capable to sustain and advance this process with specific regard to the utilization of biomass available either from waste collection or dedicated crops.

With the utilization of the Anaerobic Digestion technology, BSD and its Partners can produce biogas in industrial quantities to be utilized as primary fuel or as co-fuel in any traditional thermal or electrical power generation. With the utilization of a proprietary rind separation technology applicable to dedicated crops such as sugarcane, sorghum, kenaf, leuceana etc. BSD and its Partners can transform the growing and processing of said crops from a marginal, single product business into an extraordinarily diversified and very profitable industry. Substantial economic, environmental and social impacts are key corollary effects associated with worldwide extensions of such technologies.

The IGCC technology has successfully proven that syngas can be efficiently utilized in power plant based on gas turbines instead of on traditional boilers. Ansaldo/Siemens gas turbines series V94.2 and V64.3 are particularly suitable for low BTU fuel operation because of the silo type combustion chamber and design of the hybrid burner. BSD and Ansaldo have entered a cooperation agreement to the purpose of pursuing this market niche.

BSD and its Partners are pursuing project opportunities in various countries which are based on biogas and syngas utilization.

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