Kossuth was born in Pfronten, Germany, in 1947.

After finishing his studies he moved to Naples in 1968 where he was awarded diploma in violin studies. He won an international competition for a place as Violin at the Teatro alla Scala in Milan.

From 1970 to 1972 he played in that orchestra and studied composition and orchestra conducting.

In 1979 he quit a thriving musical career to devote himself to sculpture.

Main works of the Author.


  • Exhibition at theParliament Society Building in Bonn
  • Portrait of the tenor Mario Del Monaco which is exhibited in the museum of the Teatro alla Scala in Milan.


  • Exhibition at the Museum of European Sculptures Sculpturenpark-Willebadessen, Germany. Sponsored by the head of Government.
  • Bust of Domenico Scarlatti exhibited in the RAI Auditorium of Naples.
  • Exhibition in the cloister of San Domenico, Martina Franca, sponsored by the municipality.
  • EXPO of international Art, Bari.
  • BIDART, Bergamo.
  • Exhibition,Ostuni sponsored by the municipality.
  • Exhibition, Spoleto during the "Festival dei due mondi".
  • Bidart, Bergamo.
  • Portrait of Paolo Grassi for the municipality of Martina Franca.
  • Exhibition, Siena.
  • Exhibition at the Museum of Milan sponsored by the municipality, introduced by the reviewer Vittorio Sgarbi.
  • Exhibition, Città della Pieve, sponsored by the municipality.
  • Exhibition of The work "Mozart" in the Teatro alla Scala for the bicentennial celebration of Mozart's death.
  • Exhibition, Venezia.
  • Exhibition, Düsseldorf.
  • Exhibition at the Museum Pauw,Wassenaar, Holland
  • Exhibition, Assisi.
  • Exhibition, Orvieto, sponsored by the municipality and the Province.
  • Exhibition, Perugia.
  • Exhibition "Bronze Faces", Modena introduced by the reviewer Vittorio Sgarbi.
  • Unveiling of the work "Paganini" in the theatre Carlo Felice in Genoa, organized by the municipality and exhibition at the "Loggia della Mercanzia".
  • Exhibition,in Mantova, in the Palazzo Ducale, sponsored by the Municipality and with the supervision of the Monuments and Fine Arts Service of Mantova, Cremona, Brescia.
  • Exhibition, Manzù, Messina, Kossuth, in Santa Maria Maggiore.
  • Exhibition at the Museum of Arts Palazzo Bandera, Busto Arsizio.
  • Exhibition, Venezia, aldermaury for Culture
  • Exhibition of the work "Salomé" at the Museum of Arts, Palazzo Bandera, Busto Arsizio. Acquisition from the Museum.
  • Exhibition, "From the Body to the Face", Pietrasanta.
  • Exhibition dedicated to the dance in Rieti during the Intenational Week of Ballet.

Renowned and notorius people in the sphere of music, literature, ballet etc. have been portrayed like: Leonard Berstein, Mario Del Monaco, Giuseppe Di Stefano, Luciana Savignano, Milva, Mario Soldati, Sergiu Celibidache, Sandor Vegh, Andrea Jonasson-Strehler, Alessandra Ferri.


Wolfgang Alexander Kossuth
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