Short Professional Profile of STEFANO COLONNA Ph.D.

Prof. Stefano Colonna, Confirmed Researcher and Adjunct Professor of "Museology and Art Critic and Restoration" at the "Dept. of Art History and Spectacle" at Sapienza University in Rome.
Degree with Honors in 1992 in Sapienza University with Maurizio Calvesi and Ph.D. in History of Art with Vera Fortunati at the University of Bologna in 1996/97. From 1993/94 has carried out research and teaching at Sapienza University taking seminars on "Antiquarian Culture in Rome around Hypnerotomachia" and "Giulio Camillo and the visual Arts"; in 1998/99 the first course of "Art History and Informatics" about "The tools of art-historical research from tradition to innovation". In 2000/02, studied "History of Art and Informatics. Art in Rome and institutions from the Middle Ages to the Twentieth century" as Research Assistant at Sapienza University. He later explored the theme of "The Carracci and Roman classicism" with Alessandro Zuccari and was enrolled as a "Member of Faculty" for the Specialized Degree in art-historical studies of Sapienza University, teaching courses on "The Architecture of the Renaissance and the Antique" 2006/2007; in 2007/08 on "Palladio and Classicism" and in 2009/10 on "Peruzzi and Antique".
From 2008 to 2011 he has been in charge for the "Research A": "Antiquarian Culture in Rome from Biondo Flavio to Piranesi", which was awarded "Balzan Prize 2008 for Visual Arts since 1700" assigned to Maurizio Calvesi.
Was a member of the Scientific Committee - along with Maurizio Calvesi, Gennaro Savarese and Paolo Veneziani - at the International Studies Conference held in 1996 about "Roma nella svolta tra Quattro e Cinquecento", editing the papers presented in 2004 at the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei.
In 1994 Stefano Colonna founded "BTA - Telematic Bulletin of Art", the first Italian telematic art magazine.
Since 2007 he is editor of "Storia dell'Arte", a scientific periodical magazine founded by Giulio Carlo Argan.
In 1995 he contributed in founding a private not-for-profit cultural association "FESTINA LENTE International Center for Research in Art History" near which he coordinates Research Committee and since the first year of activity of the Association he have guided many private visits in Rome reserved to FESTINA LENTE's members.
He published very research articles about History of Art.
From May 2009 he has been licensed as a public Tour Guide of Rome and Province in Italian and English.

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