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This a list of some places I have been to, with my comments, some pictures and some helpful links to visit and know them.


1986: Ontario, Canada

toronto.jpg (22164 bytes) This was my first trip overseas: I loved it and I really changed as a person after this travel. During the first days after I got there I felt really like I was living in one of those movies I used to watch back home. The roads were huge, the houses were nice and each had its own garden and driveway and there were many squirrels all around. I loved Toronto and Hamilton, where I was staying. When I went back to Italy, I was only sorry I could not travel all around Canada, but at the time I was young and without money......

1988: Staffelstein, Germany

Staffelstein map.gif (14243 bytes) My first working experience abroad, in an Italian ice-cream shop, called "Eis Cafe' Venezia". German people love ice-cream, and especially Italian ice-cream. Staffelstein was a little tiny village in high Bayern, near famous towns such as Coburg and Beireut. I remember green hills and quiet country road, the amazing quantity of coffee that Germans can drink and some interesting trips to villages and towns around there.


1990 France: Paris and the Loire Castels

1991 Tunisia

1992 France: Lyon and the Loire Castels

1993 Austria: Wien and Salzburg

1995 Switzerland: Zurich, Luzern and Geneve

1994 USA, New York City

1994: Portugal

1995: England and Scotland

1996: Former Yugolsavia: Croatia, Zadar and Dugi Otok

1996-2000 USA: San Francisco, Denver, New Orleans, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico

1997: France Provence

         Italy: Cinque Terre

         Italy: Tuscany, Florence, Siena

1998 Rhodes

2000 June - Egypt: Cairo, Valley of the Nile and Red Sea (Sharm El Sheik)
         Our Honey Moon! Dream travel per eccellenza. The strong heat of June in Egypt, could not keep us from falling in love with the vastity and worders of the Valley of the Nile and of Cairo. It made us wanting to study the history of Egypt. Before leaving, I did not know much about it. This is one of those travels, which, before leaving, you should read a thousand books and learn so many things to fully appreciate them. Nicola, who when was young was interested in and studied for some time hieroglyphics, could explain me a few things. Still, both Nicola and  I are curious about many aspects of Egyptian history and have questions to which not even Egyptologists can give a satisfactory answer. At the end of this travel, I was left with the feeling that we don't know that must about ancienbt Egypt, and that many of the things that are said, are questionable.

The beauty of the Red Sea underworld is amazing. Even if you are not an excellent swimmer, all you need is a snorkeling mask and flippers to enjoy a real wonderful aquarium, in real sea water. The fish colours are so luminous and different they look fake!

Our 5 stars hotel was huge, too big, but directly on the coral reef. Unfortunately the service and the quality of food were not so 5 star, and we were often disappointed.

here I have also had my "Sea Baptism": an immersion with the oxygen bottle and an instructor down to 5 meters underwater. Me and Nicola have also bought a wonderful present: a videotape of this immersion, the most beatiful "souvenir" of this part of our Egyptian holiday.

2000 august- september          Canada, Ontario



The travels I look foward to!



Cape Horn




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