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The EW Mission Tester (EWMT) simulator tool allows both to evaluate and/or validate the EW Systems operational performances and to train pilots/EW operators in the best EW equipment exploitation.

EWMT allows to verify:

-        the correct RWR-ESM Identification Library (IDL) editing in respect of the expected threats data and the RWR-ESM parameters measurement accuracy consequences.

-         the correct countermeasure (Chaff, Flares, electronic jamming) selection against each radar threat.

-         the correct pilot/operators EW operations.

EWMT allows the exploitation of the standard digital maps for the generation of very realistic 3D war scenarios.

EWMT can be provided as a single user SW or as a Network where up to 16 users can be logged to operate simultaneously, as friends or enemies, in the same scenario.




V T R   3 2


VTR 32-EG7 is a software package that runs in PCs (Windows XP or Windows 7), capable of simulating in real time
the operations of Search Radars, Tracking Radars, Fire Control Systems and Missile Systems (both RF and IR types),
in competition against targets, against natural interferences and against the most used and most advanced Electronic
Warfare techniques.

VTR is a friendly, realistic, accurate and reliable software and therefore is a perfect tool to perform unbiased analysis, evaluations and comparisons of different designs and different systems.






Many Fire Control Radars of the ORION 10X family (RTN Orion 10X; RTN Orion 10XP; FCR Orion 10XF; Type 912 FCR; RTN Orion 10XM; etc.) used in the ELSAG NA10 and NA20 and in the Ferranti GWS4 Fire Control Systems, are still operational in the Navy of several Countries.

After more than 30 years of successful job, these radars are now suffering severe logistic support problems (many spare parts with limited life are difficult to be found and are costly).

In addition to this, FCRs of the Orion 10X family can be severely jammed by the modern Electronic Countermeasure Systems.

Virtualabs Srl, whose President Filippo Neri has been the Project Leader of the Orion 10X family, developed an important and effective Upgrading Kit for these radars.

The Kit will not only solve the logistic support problem but will also provide the FCRs with new advanced performances (better than that of many modern radars, e.g. LPI waveforms, anticlutter capability via MTI and FFT processing, LCD display, extended MTBF, etc.).

The Kit is based on advanced technologies like solid state transmitter and advanced Digital Signal Processing (no more HVPS, no more Magnetron, no more limited life components!).

The kit is low cost, simple and the radars can be refitted in 2 weeks time.

A new long and successful life is expected for the "glorious" Orion 10X!





DRIAC-A is a new Digital Integrated EW System capable of providing very advanced performances by exploiting very few SW controlled electronic modules, so being able to meet the changing requirements of the modern airborne environment in a very cost effective way.

DRIAC-A can be provided for fighters or for helos / transport aircrafts.





DRIAC-N is a new Digital Integrated EW System capable of providing very advanced performances by exploiting very few SW controlled electronic modules, so being able to meet the changing requirements of the modern naval environment in a very cost effective way. Beside the features of an advanced digital ESM, DRIAC-N is capable of producing both Self Protection Jamming (SPJ) and a very effective Electronic Attack Jamming (EAJ) in a very wide frequency band. EAJ is very useful in naval operations because it can avoid simultaneous missiles attack conditions so facilitating hard kill ship's protection.


 MFR - 10X


MFR-10X is a high performances X Band Multi Function Radar capable of simultaneous targets Search and accurate targets Tracking.
Moreover, MFR-10X integrates other special functions like Missile Illumination and LPI Navigation. Therefore many Search Radars and all the Fire Control Radars of a ship can be replaced by just one MFR-10X, so achieving a significant reduction of the amount of the equipment (cost saving and simplified Logistic Support) and an improvement of the Combat Management System capabilities (reaction time) and a ship's Radar Cross Section reduction as well as a contribution to the ship's Radar Cross Section reduction.

The strong points of MFR-10X are the X band utilisation (that makes affordable a four fixed AESA antenna solution) and the "smart" techniques that compensate the well known limits relevant to the use of the X Band. This approach leads to a modern MFR installable also on board of small ships (Corvette class).