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Virtualabs is a small Company located in Roma, now accomplishing twenty years of activities on the Radar and EW field.

Virtualabs mission is to approach the design of Radar and EW Systems with latest advanced architectures and technologies, at the same time with the development of Simulation, Operation and Support tools.

All these activities are performed continuing the educational activity in the Radar and EW field initiated by the Virtualabs President, Dr. Filippo Neri, that, in addition to his long activity as a technical manager in public and private companies that have earned him the title of a large number of patents, is the author of the well-known book "Introduction to Electronic Defense Systems"  published by Artech House. The book, third edition issued in the 2019, has been selected as text book in the most prestigious military schools, such as "Navy Postgraduate School" of Monterrey (CA, USA) and "Cransfield University (UK).

Virtualabs exploits a modern organisation based on a small senior management group, having long expertise in system definition, analysis, simulation and evaluation, supported by a number of system analyst and system engineers; the production of HW, SW and microwave is outsourced to the surrounding "Tiburtina Valley" laboratories that in their facilities produce also for the nearby large companies involved with design of missiles, weapon systems, radar and satellites equipment.

The expertise available in Virtualabs and the fast responding capability of the organization allows the fast prototyping of new equipment and tailoring of the catalogue products to accommodate costumer special requirements.