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Virtualabs is a small Company located in Roma, now approaching ten years of activities on the field of Simulation, Education, Design and Consultancy relevant to Radar, weapons and EW Systems.

Virtualabs exploits a modern organisation based on a small management group and a system analyst group with the assistance of many expert consultants and software houses.

The consultant group is composed by senior system engineers with expertise in system definition, system analysis, system simulation and system evaluation.

Specialised Software Houses (e.g. Silo System of Florence) provide the necessary software development and assistance.

The very experienced management team has been directly involved in the analysis, design, and development of the following equipments still in use in many Countries of the world:


-          Search radars

-          Tracking radars

-          Missile seekers

-          Missile guidance systems

-          Fire Control Systems

-          Surface to Air Missile Systems (SAM)

-          Surface to Surface Missile Systems (SSM)

-          IR detection systems

-          IR seekers

-          RWR, ESM, ELINT and COMINT Systems

-          ECM Systems

-          Radar Simulators

-          Weapon Systems Simulators

-          Missile Simulators

-          IR Simulators

-          EW Simulators


It is worth to note that the Virtualabs President, Dr. Filippo Neri, is the author of the well known book “Introduction to Electronic Defence Systems” published by Artech House. The book has been selected as text book in the most prestigious military schools, such as “Navy Postgraduate School" of Monterrey (CA, USA) and “Cransfield University" (UK).

The expertise available in VirtuaLabs is such that it allows, beside the development of general Virtual War simulators relevant to the main product line, also the execution,  under customer request, of personalised versions to accommodate specialised techniques and logics.