Research activities

1.Subject: Micropropagation by axillary branching of temperate and sub-tropical fruit trees
o Species and cultivars: kiwi, apricot,  avocado, bananas,  quince, feijoia, strawberry, almond, apple, walnut,pear, peach, plum.
1. Sterilization of primary explants
2. Physiological characterization of rooting: peroxidase curves, isozyme patterns, cofactors
3. Embryo-rescue
4. Hardening
5. Slow growth conservation and cryopreservation
6. Quality control
2. Subject: Micropropagation by adventitious regeneration and somatic embryogenesis; in vitro culture for genetic improvement
o Species and cultivars: kiwi, peach, almond, apricot, strawberry, apple 
1. Regeneration from leaf discs
2. Organogenesis in callus cultures
3. Cell suspension culture and bioreactors
4. Cell selection: salinity, disease resistance
5. Genetic transformation
3. Subject: Physiology and techniques in the conventional propagation: grafting and cutting
o Species and cultivars: temperate fruit plants
1. Rhizogenesis
2. Exogenous factors favouring the graft-taking
                           3. New materials in nursery                   

4. Subject: Phytoremediation