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Master Faraone : ''Welcome for all friends for my New Nippon Kempo Web pages''
He offer to inform all useful information for all interesting martial arts, sport of fightings and self-defense.

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02/07/1999 16:17


I.M.A.F.D : 10th World Deaf Martial Arts Championships

Will held at Buenos Aires, Argentine next days 23-30 October 1999 to welcome for all world expert deaf & HoH martial artists.

C.I.S.S. & I.M.A.F.D.
As probable to take contact this interesting future together us ?
From Davos, Switzerland - Photo's gallery

What is A.S.I.A.M.
Since italian martial arts foundation is continue to be activity into today.
F.S.S.I. : Italian Judo & Karate Championships for deafs in Rome next June 5-6, 1999

Welcome Rome 2001

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