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Welcome in the Blue Team Club site.

This site is dedicated to the Blue Team Club bridge system. We have written a complete set of System Notes about the version of the Blue Team Club developed by Arturo Franco and Benito Garozzo. This version was used by Arturo, together with Dano De Falco and Vito Pittala, in many national, European and World Championship.

It is one of the best interpretation of the famous Blue Team Club and, with minor adjustments, has been just  played by De Falco and Ferraro during the last successful European Championship.

Thanking to Daniel J. Neill we already have an English version  of these System Notes. To download it, click here: Blue Team Club (English Edition)

If you want e-mail us, mailto:BlueTeamClub@go.to

This site will soon be in English. Keep in touch with us.

Marco Pancotti